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Enhancing Your Catalog Management Strategy through Online Visual Merchandising

Regardless of whether your online store operates on Magento 2, Shopify, or WooCommerce, catalog management remains a crucial aspect that can be handled manually or with the assistance of specialized solutions.

There are essentially two approaches:

1. Customizing Your Successful Online Store:

   Customization offers flexibility but comes with complexities, translating to significant time and financial investments. While it yields positive results, it poses challenges.

2. Utilizing Ready-Made eCommerce Visual Merchandising Solutions:

   This option is simpler and more cost-effective for both implementation and ongoing operation. Let's delve deeper into this second option.

Ready-to-Use eCommerce Visual Merchandising Solutions

These solutions are cloud-based services that are accessible anywhere, easy to install, and flexible to manage. One such proven tool is Sortler, an online visual merchandising tool with cloud access to a virtual catalog synchronized with your actual one. Here's what you can achieve with Sortler:

1. Task Automation:

   Define rules for catalog management, and Sortler takes care of the rest. Monitor the increase in conversions and decrease in bounce rates effortlessly.

2. Smart Prioritization:

   Specify the priority of items from a particular brand, collection, or type at the top of the catalog and determine which ones to move down.

3. Handling Out-of-Stock Products:

   Effectively manage out-of-stock items by indicating their prioritization in your online catalog.

4. Promoting Underperforming Products:

   Boost the sales of poorly performing items by making them more visible or offering discounts if necessary.

5. Creation of Matching Combinations:

   Utilize Sortler to automatically generate appealing product combinations, such as pairing a ring and pendant from the same collection for a jewelry store or a straw hat with sunglasses for a summer fashion collection.

6. Drag & Drop Feature:

   For manual catalog management, use the intuitive Drag & Drop feature. Move products around the screen with ease and instantly see the results.

What sets Sortler apart is its compatibility with popular eCommerce platforms like Magento 2, Shopify, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce, without requiring any coding from your end. The goal is to deliver maximum results with minimal effort and investment. Upgrade your catalog management strategy seamlessly with Sortler and elevate your online store's visual appeal and performance.

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