Проект Сенсар

Apery, third level: coronavirus fraud history and its consequences

If you want to understand a phenomenon look at what it originated from. SARS-CoV-2 would not have been even paid attention to unless China had been harshly defeated in the economic war against the...
Континентальний блок - Continental Bloc

The existential enemy of the United States of America. Russia, China or the European Union?

In fact neither Russia, nor China, nor any other state is a deadly threat to the United States. Only the combined Russian-Chinese bloc sponsored by the European Union is the threat.
For your and our Freedom! За вашу і нашу свободу!

American booster: Ukraine's post-industrial transition will be under US protectorate

It is paradoxical, but the use of the newly elected "green populists" lies in their incompetence. The more elastic a glove is, the easier it is to be ruled. ZE Project is a joint-stock company owned...

This is a live text. What it is?

Is it possible to write texts that accurately reproduce themselves in other languages? Modern linguistic programs allow you to do a good translation into dozens of languages. But the translation...

Post-industrial civilization of Intermarium, USA and Free Ukrainian State: welcome to the start-up

Once USA, Poland and Lithuania support the process of the creative class self-organization and founding a new state in Ukraine they will have a powerful player in the creation of new Europe and their...


We, Ukrainian Americans for Trump, thank the President for being a staunch ally of Ukraine

But, in the twenty nine years since, the White House has been mostly WRONG on Ukraine.

Альтернативна політика

Джоан Роулінг (Joanne Rowling)

The rise of ‘emocracy’, and the death of debate

In our public spheres, political correctness, polarisation and cancel culture have taken the place of conversation, engagement and argument

It’s Not Left vs. Right, It’s Big vs. Small

Global corporations make token payments to anti-racism activists in the United States while funding the Chinese Communist Party’s racist dictatorship and sowing the destitution that causes unrest at...

Republicans move to revoke Big Tech's 'free pass to censor and silence' conservatives

Republican lawmakers on Wednesday introduced legislation aimed at fighting what they see as anti-conservative bias on Google and other social media.

The US is Dramatically Overcounting Coronavirus Deaths – Townhall (USA)

Over 86,500 people have reportedly died in the United States from the Coronavirus, and the fear generated by those deaths is driving the public policy debate. But that number is a dramatic overcount...
Зиновій Свереда

The Land "Mannerheim Line". Or UA-USA Security Zone

Mordor was infuriated by this offer. Russians are buying up the borderlands of Ukraine furtively for their further expansion. So Ukraine needs to lease them for a long term to US companies. US troops...

Is America Becoming Sinicized?

There wasn’t a single major Western politician who warned the world of a frightening, Chinese-dominated future — one in which the West turned into China rather than China into the West. The single...

Клуб знайомств Перехід-IV


"Freedom and the greatness of America can only be maintained by the re-election of Donald Trump" – Paul REEN

The 2020 US presidential election is approaching, and nearly one million Ukrainian-born American voters are doubly affected. Due to the repeated judgments "Trump - vulgar, liar, misogynist,...

An encounter with two Trump haters

Through a moving episode of life, Jaroslaw Martyniuk* enlightens us on the pitfalls of the US presidential election of November 2020.

Світ за тиждень

A vote for Biden is a vote for the extreme radical left – The Ukrainian Weekly

This article, written by Bohdan Shandor, attorney, and published in the "Ukrainian Weekly", was recommended to me by my American friend, the writer of Ukrainian origine, Jaroslaw Martyniuk*. It seems...

Культура і мистецтво

UKRAINE'S TIME TO SHINE. Here’s all you need to know about taking a holiday in Kiev, the city hosting this weekend’s Eurovision

This weekend the spotlight is being cast on Ukrainian city of Kiev, thanks to their hosting of the 2017 Eurovision finals. The capital, which has long been a favourite with stag do’s thanks to its...

Економіка і бізнес

Unlocking the Capacity of Bitcoin: The Role of Bitcoin Wallets in the Cryptocurrency Ecosystem

In the sphere of cryptocurrency, Bitcoin stands tall as the pioneer and most prominent mathematical currency.

Join Changee: cryptocurrency exchange with profitable rates and cashback.

Changee.com is a rapidly growing cryptocurrency exchange service that is changing the way people trade digital assets. It offers an innovative system for selecting exchange rates to provide users...

Which company is best for construction in Ukraine

Most analysts predict high demand for construction services and materials in Ukraine in the coming years.

Keeping Your Cryptocurrency Clean: Tips to Ensure Compliance with AML Regulations

Cryptocurrency has revolutionized the financial industry, making it possible for people to transact securely and anonymously across the globe.

Investments in Ukraine

While neighboring countries are coming up with new ways to attract investors, in Ukraine these methods have been honed by years of practice.

Advantages of renting a car in Ukraine

Even if you use the car 1-2 times a month, maintenance costs will remain unchanged. Every year you have to buy an insurer, pay for inspection and tax. Part of the money will go to the parking lot.