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Which company is best for construction in Ukraine

Most analysts predict high demand for construction services and materials in Ukraine in the coming years.

In 2022, the Ukraine construction market decreased at least by 50%. At the same time, already in 2023, experts expect a gradual growth of the market by 10-15% by the end of the year. Further growth of the market depends on many factors, including political and economic stability.

Today, many foreign companies are looking at Ukraine as a potential market and are planning to invest in real estate, as well as infrastructure restoration. However, there are some features for working as a construction company in the Ukrainian market.

For large construction projects, foreign companies usually hire a local general contractor and control financial settlements only with him. It is also easier for a foreign investor to conclude one contract with one company than dozens of contracts.

Who can you contact for construction in Ukraine?

The Ukrainian construction company Rauta is one of the leaders in the construction market. It offers comprehensive services which include design, construction of foundations, installation of load-bearing and enclosing structures, wiring of internal communications, repair work and connection of the facility to external networks.

Construction in another country obliges a foreign company to understand not only the peculiarities of the legislation, but also the building codes in force in this country. Therefore, if the customer did not work in our country, the best solution would be to transfer the project for general contracting to a construction company in Ukraine.

Besides the fact that Rauta provides a full range of commercial real estate construction, the company is also the exclusive supplier a lot of building structures and materials, which will reduce the construction budget through direct supplies.

To build a beautiful and durable building, you must first carry out its design, then coordinate the project with state inspections, and only then order structures and materials for construction. An experienced construction company in Ukraine will be able to carry out a full cycle of work on the construction of a commercial building in just one construction season: from the end of winter to the end of autumn. Of course, you can postpone the construction to the next season, but this is not the best solution, because in this case, the investor freezes the funds. In this case, the return on investment may be delayed for several months.

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