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Advantages of renting a car in Ukraine


Even if you use the car 1-2 times a month, maintenance costs will remain unchanged. Every year you have to buy an insurer, pay for inspection and tax. Part of the money will go to the parking lot.

Also you have to add expenses for the purchase of consumables. One more problem is that the cost of the car decreases at least 5-7% of the cost every year even if the mileage for a year was zero kilometers. And when you plan a trip to the sea or abroad, the amount of expenses becomes exorbitant.

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What alternative is there when traveling in Ukraine? A simple and inexpensive solution is to rent a car at bls.ua/en.

If you are going to the south, renting a car in Odessa will give you tremendous advantages compared to traveling by personal car. Now let`s analyze the main advantages and your savings.

No insurance required

A green card is required to enter Ukraine. Insurance is required regardless of the length of stay. The minimum term of registration is 15 days. The cost is about 20-25 US dollars. This corresponds to one day rent a cheap car. Renting cars in Ukraine saves you from buying insurance. As an additional bonus - car rental provides full insurance coverage (including MTPL and CASCO).


To get to Kiev or Odessa, you need to drive more than a thousand kilometers. The cost of gasoline and any forced stopover for a rest will take almost the same money as you would pay for the air ticket. Even if the trip is planned with the family. To the huge minus we should add the fatigue of being behind the wheel - almost a day of attention and a sleepless night. You must find a place to have a rest.

Car service

Driving a long distance requires a complete replacement of engine oil, consumables - filters and additional inspection of the car. Expenses for a preparing may reach 150-200 dollars. Such amount of money would be enough to rent a car for a week. In this case, you can use daily mileage without restrictions. No need to worry about the technical conditions of the car - flawless appearance and car operation control always comes first.

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You plan your time by yourself

For example, when visiting Kiev and lingering for a while, the rent time can be increased for an additional period. Conversely, car rental in Kiev gives you the opportunity to return the car at the moment when you have successfully completed all your cases. You rent a car for the period that is convenient for you. The car can be left within the city or in an another location like Lviv.

For greater clarity in the benefits of rental cars let`s sum up all the costs associated with a trip from Russia to Ukraine:

  • If you do not use your own car for a trip but rent it, you have no need to pay for CASCO, CTP and an optional Green Card. Direct savings are more than $ 700 per year;
  • There are no expenses for passing inspection and paying transport tax - another $ 50;
  • Do not buy gasoline, oil and air filters, do not check the general technical condition - save at least $ 150 more;

The most important advantage. What car owners always forget. Your car, like any asset, has the same depreciation and amortization period. This means that it becomes cheaper by at least 30% in five years. You purchased an inexpensive middle class car for 15 thousand dollars - so in 5 years, even in its perfect condition, the car will cost about 10 thousand dollars. This amount is included in the annual maintenance of personal vehicles. Why spend such money to travel abroad, if renting a car is much cheaper?

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So, the total amount of direct and indirect expences for an annual car ownership will be about 1,200 US dollars per year. We calculated the minimum rate including a depreciation of equipment, provided that the machine is in perfect condition. This corresponds to about 30 days of renting a good middle class car. Excluding discounts and bonuses. But how much time do you save without performing maintenance and insurance?

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